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Cluster 2 children FULLY SPONSORED!

If you’ve read our blog throughout the year you would have seen 2022 brought with it a LOT of new children!

Little 3 year old Unathi, siblings Thabani (6) and Lerato (4) and in our newest cluster little Siyabonga (5), Alukhanya (4) and Sphe (3)! Talk about a growing family.

As new children come to call Ingane Yami home, it is important that we find the financial means to see their holistic care taken care of. With each new child comes an increase in expenses: clothing, water, electricity, medical, education, extra-mural; we carry the costs of everything bar food, as this is so graciously sponsored every month from SPAR.

The primary way we look to fill those costs is through individual sponsorship. We break up the total cost per child every month, and ask individuals to take on a portion of those costs.

In January this year we were blown away when one of our major corporate donors, FLASH, said they would fully cover the cost of our 3 new children in Cluster 2!

FLASH was at the forefront of fundraising for those 2 new homes (their MD driving the Row-a-thon fundraiser last year) and now they wanted to see those homes filled and donate towards those children’s needs. Wow. Talk about a corporate with a change-mindset.

We are so excited about this very personal way in which we get to connect with FLASH, as we become intentional about connecting their team with their specific sponsorship children.

We have no doubt this relationship will have a massive significance in the lives of Siya, Alukhanya and Sphe. And we trust in return it will hold massive significance in the lives of the entire FLASH team.


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