Ingane Yami Mandela Challenge

Posted in: Blog, Fundraising on October 3, 2019

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Two friends who share a passion for helping those less fortunate, Bruce Hughes and Mike Morris, are at it again – attempting the impossible to change the lives of South Africa’s most vulnerable children. Their goal: to stationary row for six days, non-stop, covering a distance of 1 460km; the distance from Ingane Yami Children’s Village to Robben Island!

This isn’t the first time Bruce and Mike have set themselves such an audacious goal. After first hearing about Ingane Yami Children’s Village in 2013, Bruce fell in love with the idea behind it, that of rewriting stories, and didn’t waste any time in connecting with Mike and getting involved.

That year they entered the Atacama Crossing, a 250km, 6-stage Ultra Marathon, run in 40 degree heat with no support! Friends and family rallied behind them, and they were able to raise an incredible R450 000 for the second home at Ingane Yami; which became the Monteagle Home.

In 2016 the itch to get involved struck the two men again and together they conquered the Elements Everest Trail Race – around the base of mount Everest at 4500 merters above sea level, covering 160 and 25000 meters of accent Again, this challenge was set with Ingane Yami in mind, as Bruce and Mike ran to raise funds for a Multipurpose Sports Arena at the Village.

Now, in November this year, they will take on their greatest challenge yet. The two men will row on a stationary rower non-stop, day and night for six days, in one-hour shifts – one rowing while the other rests and recovers, with the goal of covering 1 460kms. Impact rower, Stefan Terblanche, will join them during the hardest hours through the night, allowing the rowers 3 -4 hour stretch of sleep. Fortunately, they wont be short on sustenance to keep them going, as Spar will be sponsoring food for the duration of the challenge. Spar has also extended their generosity to Ingane Yami, as the village’s ongoing monthly food and nutrition supplier.

The rowing machines will not stop, from when they begin at 9.00am on Tuesday, 5 November until they reach their goal on Sunday, 10 November.

Again, the goal is to raise enough money to build a new home. A home for another six orphaned and abandoned children to be rescued, restored and knitted into a forever-family at Ingane Yami.

They have chosen the name The Ingane Yami Mandela Challenge, hoping that the event will not just be once-off but will grow in momentum; their heart is that the story of Ingane Yami is heard and learnt by a huge amount of people year in and year out.

It will hopefully become an annual event as people try beat the mileage and financial goal which Mike and I achieve, and with the help of Stef Terblanche  the audience and supporters will be that much bigger,’’ explains Bruce.

Ingane Yami plays such an important part in giving children a second chance in life and instilling family values. Ingane Yami is creating and giving these children a springboard to become the future leaders that our country needs. This is why we need the community to get involved,’’ continues Bruce.

Scott Hamilton, Director at Ingane Yami says, “Bruce and Mike have set themselves a seemingly impossible task but we have seen their grit and determination in the past and know they can conquer their goal. We are so grateful for their sacrifice and determination, and we really believe the spin-offs from this event will be massive!”


The Ingane Yami Mandela Challenge is taking place at Ingane Yami Children’s Village. To arrange to see the rowers in action please contact Patricia Deacon, Ingane Yami Marketing Manager, on 078 342 0539 or email her on

Concept2 will be providing the rowing machine and necessary tracking equipment to keep tabs on the event. Follow them on Instagram @concept2sa


The bank details to make a donation are: Standard Bank; Branch: 045526; Account Number: 251654605
Please use Ref: MandelaChallange – YOUR NAME

Your support will be greatly appreciated and remember no donation is too small.








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Ingane Yami Mandela Challenge

Ingane Yami Mandela Challenge

Ingane Yami Mandela Challenge

6 lives forever changed!