Our children are taken care of during COV19 lockdown

Posted in: Blog, Corporate on March 27, 2020

IY Family praying over lunch

As South Africa enter’s into day-one of the nation-wide lock down, the children at Ingane Yami are happy, healthy and well-fed thanks to the generosity of SPAR!

SPAR’s involvement

SPAR have been on board as a major sponsor of Ingane Yami since June 2018. Max Oliva, the Managing Director of SPAR KZN, visited the Children’s Village and knew he had to get SPAR involved .I felt humbled by the joy of the children; and overwhelmed by the positive work being done by the foster Mom’s.” says Max. “I was impressed with the sustainability of the model. Ingane Yami create’s a real opportunity to change the course of young, disadvantaged South African lives forever.”

In line with SPAR’s community mindset, Max set about connecting the local SPAR, SUPERSPAR Richdens, with the Village. Every week, the moms of the Village put together their grocery list. Ingane Yami’s Village Administrator, Tracy Meeske, then send’s this to the team at SUPERSPAR Richdens. The team then neatly packs everything each home needs into their individualized food bin and delivers it all to the Village the next day.

Saving grace in COV19 chaos

Despite the chaos that COV19 and the nation-wide lock down has caused for grocery stores across the country, the team at SUPERSPAR Richdens have ensured that the children at Ingane Yami remain a priority. “Thanks to the team at SUPERSPAR Richdens our children will be well taken care of during the lockdown period. Our pantry is full, with 3 weeks of dry good supplies; and we will continue to receive our milk, bread and fresh produce weekly. We are so grateful and appreciate SUPERSPAR Richdens being so accommodating, with attention to detail always being a priority.” Says Tracy.

A huge thank you to SPAR KZN and SUPERSPAR Richdens for their commitment to come alongside us here at Ingane Yami to see that South Africa’s most vulnerable children have all of their basic needs met, particularly during such unpredictable times. We have been so blessed by the relationship with SPAR, and trust as a company they will be blessed in return for their generosity” Scott Hamilton (Ingane Yami Director)


For more information on Ingane Yami, or how you can get involved, contact Patricia at tricia@inganeyami.com


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