The Ripple Effect

Posted in: Blog, General on February 4, 2021

Ripple Effect

Colleen Lotz has been part of our Child Sponsor Family since we first launched the programme in November 2016. Like so many of our sponsors she has committed to investing in her sponsor child’s life, month in and month out, for over 4 years!

Colleen’s daughter Kim caught on to her moms passion and decided she could also use what she had in her hands to give back. Kim’s been coming to the Village every week for the past year now teaching our littlest girls ballet! A skill they have all absolutely LOVED learning!

Two months ago Thami received his first ever sponsor, Nathan Geel! Nathan heard about Ingane Yami from Kim! Nathan decided to sign up to rewriting Thami’s story, because, after hearing Kim’s excitement around what was happening down at the Village, he couldn’t not be involved!

Then in December Dylan Banks got hold of us – he had committed to running a 100km marathon in the UK, and after hearing his Auntie Colleen and cousin Kim talk about the Village, he knew Ingane Yami was where he wanted his fundraising efforts to go towards! Not only that, Dylan loved hearing the stories about our newest little girl Akhona so much from Kim, that he decided to become Akhona’s first sponsor! AND instead of a birthday gift for their sister-in-law/sister Gina, Dylan and his wife gifted a years sponsorship of Akhona to her!!!

So from Colleen’s initial commitment came a ballet teacher for our baby ballerinas, 3 new child sponsors and an overseas fundraiser set to take place later this year!!! The ripple effects are OUTSTANDING!

Never underestimate your sphere of influence, and what ripple effects a passionate conversation about your involvement at Ingane Yami can have!

Approaching a friend or a corporate about getting involved in Ingane Yami doesn’t need to be a big ask. It can be a simple conversation over a braai about how excited you are to see your sponsor child  flourish. It can be a mention of Ingane Yami on your website, or an office chat about creative ways your office can donate. It can be a conversation on a cycle ride with a friend about a really cool cause you were recently involved in, or your sponsor child’s Christmas card on your fridge that sparks a conversation with people who visit.

These ripple effect conversations start with an overflow of your passion for the cause, and have the potential to have incredible effects!

What will your ripple story be this year?

We are always looking for more individual sponsors and corporate donors.
We implore you to have a conversation! Who knows where it will lead!

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