Welcome Caleb

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Our Ingane Yami social workers are always being intentional about sharing who we are and what we do with other social workers.

Recently, a group of social workers came to Ingane Yami who hadn’t been before. All of them were blown away. It’s one thing to be told about Ingane Yami; but once you come here you see it is not an orphanage. It’s a home. A permanent loving home with a mother who loves them. An on site school where they will receive the best education. A holistic and secure environment in which to grow.

One visiting social worker could not wait to tell us the story of Tiisetso or ‘Caleb’ and how perfect this place would be for him.

Finding Caleb

Caleb was abandoned in the hospital. He was then placed in a transitional home as his social worker searched for the best place for him. Caleb spent some time with two different sets of foster parents. Sadly neither place turned out to be the perfect fit. Caleb was stuck; his future looking like he would spend the rest of his childhood in a transitional home. Then his social worker heard of Ingane Yami, and everything changed.

Coming Home…..

Caleb came to call Ingane Yami home in May this year! He joined Mom Nomthandazo and her two girls, Yamkela and ‘baby’ Akhona in the Blue Home. Already Caleb is bonding beautifully with his mom. His sister’s adore him; though baby Akhona, who is only 1 week younger then him, is having to get used to sharing her mom with another little boy! They have basically become unidentical twins overnight!

In terms of sponsorship, we are excited to share that Caleb is fully sponsored already! The team from Legacy Consultants heard about his impending arrival, and committed to sponsoring him from the day he arrived!

We know God rescued Caleb. That He has a plan and a purpose for him, and we are so humbled to be a part of His plan.

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