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James and Kaz Beckley, Principal Developers of Pearly Grey Ocean Club, have been involved in Ingane Yami Children’s Village from the very beginning.

Even before it was a reality, James and Kaz were part of the dreaming, the prayer and the research to see orphaned and abandoned children in South Africa rescued and restored. James and Kaz have given out of their own personal time and finance and then made it their mission to see the Pearly Grey team get involved as well. Watch the video and read below to hear the history of Pearly Grey’s relationship with Ingane Yami, and how you too can get involved.

Rescue a child. Restore a life. Rebuild a family. Release a leader

It’s all about Rewriting Stories!

Our Connection

Scott Hamilton, Director of Ingane Yami, shares on the longstanding relationship between Pearly Grey and Ingane Yami.

“All of us at Ingane Yami are so grateful for our longstanding relationship with Pearly Grey Ocean Club. From the very beginning it has been personal, meaningful and incredibly impactful. We can honestly say we would not have seen the life change that we have seen in the lives of our kids if it wasn’t for the support of Pearly Grey Ocean Club, the team, the owners, and all of their supporters.”

Golf Days: The team at Pearly Grey has put in countless hours to see the annual Golf Day’s take place, which in 2019 celebrated it’s 10th anniversary! From the first one in 2009, over 210,000euros (please confirm) has been raised! 2019 was significant- as Ingane Yami Director, Scott Hamilton flew over to Tenerife to take part of the Golf Day there! It held such weight on both sides- as the golfers and team could make a tangible connection with someone involved with Ingane Yami on the ground; while Scott could also see and feel first hand the excitement, hard work, energy and commitment that the PG team had put into fundraiser over the past 10 years. To read more about the golf days, check out the PG blog here**

Other Fundraisers: The owners of Pearly Grey have taken up the baton to use what they have in their hands to raise funds and awareness for the Ingane Yami children: from Liz Jones fundraising through the Niagra Falls Marathon and the Bupa Great North Run, to Tai Chi with Peter Farthing, to lucky draw’s, Christmas dress-up’s and easter decoration sales—we have been blown away by the creative ways Pearly Grey owners and guests have contributed towards the children at the Village!

The PG Team Visit: 2017 marks a special space in the Pearly Grey- Ingane Yami relationship, as a team of staff from Pearly Grey flew to South Africa to come and see first hand the impact that all of their hardwork and dedication was making. It was an incredibly emotional, and heart warming day for everyone involved. The children were so excited to meet “the golfers!” who they had heard so much about; and the Pearly Grey team could not believe the joy and love that they received. Read more about that special day from the eye’s of PG staff member Marianna, here

The Pearly Grey- Ingane Yami relationship is something entirely unique.

We are so excited to see it grow and change; and even though some of our efforts have been impacted by COVID, we trust it will continue to flourish for years to come.

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The Vision behond Ingane Yami

Ingane Yami Children’s Village is not a children’s orphanage in the traditional sense. Rather, it is a permanent, loving home for orphaned and vulnerable children. The Village is located just outside of Durban, in the Shongweni Valley. Unlike a traditional children’s orphanage, the Village consists of individuals homes. Each home is home to six children and a carefully selected foster mother. Our team includes an on-site Village Pastor, qualified teachers and a committed support team. Everyone works together to ensure each child’s emotional, educational, physical and spiritual needs are met.

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