What do you have in your hand to give?

We believe every one has something in their hands to give. Whatever it is, when you use your passion and skill to give to those in-need volunteering becomes a meaningful experience for both the giver and the receiver.

Bring your skill: we have a community of volunteers who have used what is in their hands in order to impact the lives of our children. Doctors, Dentists, ballet teachers, gymnastic coaches, swimming instructors, IT and website specialists, electricians, builders, architects, physiologists, occupational therapists, photographers; our family of volunteers stretches far and wide! Some volunteers weekly, some for a specific project or when the need arises. All of them are instrumental in seeing our children’s lives changed.

Do you have a skill that you feel could be used to help us rewrite stories? Contact us to find out how you can be involved.

Helping Hands

Students between 12 – 18 can volunteer to be a Holiday Club group leader. Every holiday, we run a 3-5 day Holiday Club at the Village. This serves as a holiday activity for our Ingane Yami children as well as an outreach for children in the greater Dassenhoek community. The club runs from 08:00 – 13:00 and includes crafts, games, a preach and worship.

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Anyone 18+ can volunteer to be a pair of extra helping hands for our various Village events! Dinners, Mandela Day Soccer Tournaments, Sports Days, these all take a wider team to make them happen.

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Want to get your school involved?

We have partnered with schools across Durban in various ways.

St Marys has adopted us as their Grade 8 Charity!
+ St Marys Interact Group runs art/music/ games with our children once a term.

Hilton College Music Department has organized an Annual Benefit Concert for us; with St Marys Music Department joining forces for the event in 2019 and again in 2020!

Pinetown Boys High has sent us their Grade 8/9 pupils to get stuck in with hands-on work!

His Church School has spent the day with us running program’s for our kids.

Curro Hillcrest’s Drama Department has run a Drama Session with our Kids!

The possibilities are endless!

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The amazing Grade 8’s at @stmarysdsgkloof have partnered with Ingane Yami – making it the grades main outreach. The girls have undertaken fundraising for the village as well as regular visits to spend time with the kids, play and help them with their home work.

Dr. Andre Postma, a GP based in Hillcrest close to the village, is one of many skilled individuals who help look after the health of our Ingane Yami children. Doctors play such an important role in the lives of healthy, growing children and we are so fortunate to have the best!

@mpopedancestudio have opened their arms to the Children of Ingane Yami – giving our girls a fun creative outlet with ballet lessons every week. We have seen them grow so much, doing exams as well as dancing in the studios annual show.