Looking Back, Looking Ahead

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As we head into the new year, 2019, it really is amazing to look back on all that God has done at Ingane Yami Children’s Village since its inception ….

In 2009, we purchased the thirty acre plot in Shongweni/ Dassenhoek. At the time, it was a steep piece of land that was covered in trees. Transforming the site into a Village was going to require a lot of work.

After three years of preparing the land, our first house mom, Mom Ruth, moved in on January 5 2012 with her two biological children, Mthoko (15 years old at the time) and Mbongeni (only 11 years old). Ruth was courageously pioneering into the unknown.

In April of that year, Andile, age 6 at the time, came in to Ingane Yami as our first rescued child. The situation in which he had been living was devastating. He later confided in his new mom, Ruth, that if Ingane Yami had not found him, he believed he would have died. He was, and still is, an example of God’s redemptive power.

Within that year Sbahle (age 4) and Aphiwe (age 2) came to join Andile, Mbongeni and Mthoko in Ruth’s home. It’s hard to believe, looking at their photos, that these children were once so small.

Now, seven years later, Ruth’s home continues to flourish. She is no longer the sole-mom at Ingane Yami Children’s Village but has been joined by another three Moms who take care of a total of 19 children! We now have a beautiful on-site school, creche, community center, resource center, administrative offices, soccer field and Astro turf.

Looking back, it’s hard to believe all that God has done so far.
Yet He still has so much more in store for us.

This year we are expecting more children to come in, and trusting to find our fifth house mom. Once this takes place, we will look to build more homes and expand our school!

The long-term vision for Ingane Yami is to have 25 homes and 150 kids. We still have a lot left to pray for! And we’re believing, the best is yet to come!

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Ingane Yami 67c Campaign

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